Yameen government is busy collecting Personal information to build a data base on voter profile, including their background, political affiliation and financial situation with help of various sources like Bank of Maldives  Department of National Registration,Mobile service provider Dhiraagu and the National health insurance company ‘Asandha’. Further, these data will be used in different ways to propagate Yameen’s election agenda and swing the voters mode in favor of Ruling party (PPM) .

Earlier, the Government launched ‘Ehluckin mashah license’ scheme to issue driving licenses in one day. A public outcry ensued against this scheme when people realized that the application form for the license required applicants to provide their social media account details, such as Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Yameen is aware that he has completely lost public support and therefore will be resorting to such tactics of collecting and storing individuals data in order to influence election results. The extent to which Yameen can go in order to stay in power is reflected from the fact that recently, the government has started releasing young criminals from jail, who will be form as a part of the vote bank supporting this government.