The dispute over Membership Forms: A mistake by EC?


Opposition Progressive Party of Maldives (PPM), on Wednesday, has submitted the membership application forms of 10,000 people who signed for the party within a period of one month to the Elections Commission.

However in an article published by Adhadhu, it was stated that the Election Commission (EC) has denied that the opposition party, PPM, submitted 10,000 membership forms. An EC official said that the PPM had submitted 4,400 forms. The forms are being recounted to ensure that, he said.

“We will count and see if there are 10,000 forms. When we counted, there were only 4,400 forms,” the official said.

PPM Secretary General (SG) Ahmed Tholal said the election commission had called him saying there was a problem in the number of forms submitted. A team of the party has decided to go check on the matter, he said. However, the party confirms that 10,000 forms were submitted.

Whereas Dhiyares in their article has stated that President of Elections Commission Fuad Thaufeeq has confirmed that the forms were counted with officials from PPM and elections commission, which amounts to 10,000. Fuad said that there are small issues that need to be amended in some forms. “This does not mean that no form has been accepted,” Fuad said.

For the PPM supporters, it was a joyous feat as many celebrated the achievement in social media

PPM currently has 33,264 members, according to the Elections Commission. More than 44,000 members will be included in the list if the 10,000 forms submitted by the party are valid