Komandoo by-elections: A way for Yameen to ignite his campaign


As Komandoo by-elections approach at a fast pace, scheduled to be held on 5 Feb 2022. Things start to get heated between the two main parties contesting for it. MDP being represented by Mohamed Raashid and PPM being represented by Moosa Fathuhy Adam and MNP candidate Abdul Hannan Idrees. 

Both Pres. Solih and Yameen is seen showing immense support for their representatives by going around meeting locals and conducting active campaigns. Yameen was pardoned for his money laundering case in the trial that was held in Dec 2021. As of recent developments, all his allowances and benefits befitting to a former president, which was halted in relation to the case has been lifted.

With Yameen winning his trial, he is now allowed to conduct political activities. The opposition coalition party has over the past two years ran the #IndiaOut campaign with moral support from Yameen behind house arrest but to now see him out on the streets, physically present alongside them wearing a shirt that read IndiaOut, uplifted the supporters’ spirits to new heights, strengthening their campaign. This act was not only condemned by many living inside Maldives saying that it was unruly and inappropriate for a former president to put on such show, but it was highly criticized internationally too.

Education Ministry voiced concerns saying that cases have been brought to their attention in accordance with rise of these anti activities both on the streets and online in social media, where Indian teachers have been harassed in the island streets and have requested school to ensure safety. These teachers are usually recruited to teach subjects which local teachers are unavailable for and to have them leave because they feel unsafe would be putting our children’s futures at stake.

The opposition coalition and PNC’s President Abdul Raheem Abdulla denies of the claims and says it is another ploy of the ruling government to bring in more Indian militaries and create a scene. But it is not coincidental that Yameen recently urged the public when he was visiting the atoll as part of PPM’s campaign for Komandoo by-election to scribble ‘IndiaOut’ on the walls of the houses. The schools have these graffities on them as well and there are banners around the school areas where students can see it.

A former leader inciting hatred, looked like there was more to it than what the eyes can meet— a hidden agenda. He disregards people and does not filter the malicious information being spread to the young minds of the students. If things continue the way it is, it won’t be long before history will repeat itself— when Maldives bled of innocent lives and the power belonged to only one.

Maldives is not at war with foreign powers, Maldives is at war in their homes, among their own people.