The Ministry of Tourism has revealed that Sunday, 14 February saw 4,856 tourist arrivals reported in the Maldives, setting yet another record for most arrivals recorded in a single day for the ongoing year of 2021.

The previous record for most daily tourist arrivals had been set on 12 February, with 4,809 tourists having arrived in the Maldives on Friday. The record was broken and set anew just two days later, with 4,856 tourists having arrived in the Maldives on Sunday, 14 February.

With this, the total number of tourists that have visited the Maldives within the ongoing year have risen to 138,912 by 14 February, as per statistics released by the Ministry of Tourism. 92,103 of these arrivals were recorded in January, and an additional 46,809 tourists have visited the Maldives in the first two weeks of February.

Tourist arrivals:

  • Russia: 31,798
  • India: 31,739
  • Ukraine: 10,130
  • Kazakhstan: 6,595
  • Romania: 6,110

While the Russian market contributes 22.2 percent of all tourist arrivals reported to the Maldives in 2021, this amounts to 30,499 travelers. India is the second-largest market for tourist arrivals to the Maldives, with 30,295 tourists having visited Maldives from the neighboring country, which is 21.6 percent of all arrivals recorded for the year of 2021.

As of now, 3,087 tourists visit the Maldives on average every day, and statistics by the Tourism Ministry show that most travelers spend an average of nine days in the Maldives before departing.